Canada and Netherlands file joint written observations in Ukraine’s case against Russia based on Genocide Convention at International Court of Justice

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July 5, 2023 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada today issued the following statement:

“On July 4, 2023, Canada and the Netherlands filed joint written observations on the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in Ukraine’s case against Russia based on the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide [Genocide Convention].

“This filing follows the joint declaration of intervention put forth by Canada and the Netherlands in this case on December 7, 2022, which the court decided was admissible in its order dated June 5, 2023.

“In these proceedings, Ukraine seeks to establish that Russia has no lawful basis to act in and against Ukraine for the purpose of preventing and punishing any purported genocide.

“Canada and the Netherlands are intervening to place their interpretation of the relevant provisions of the Genocide Convention before the court. In doing so, Canada and the Netherlands reaffirm their commitment to accountability, stressing the court’s vital role in the peaceful settlement of disputes.”

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