Chief Administrative Officer – Town of Middleton – Middleton, NS

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Reports to: Town Council

Direct Reports: Director of Finance, Director of Public Works, Director of Recreation & Community Development, Executive Assistant

Salary Range: $87,720 – $112,200

Revised Date: May2022

Position Details


The CAO is the senior official of the Town, providing leadership to employees of the Town of Middleton. The CAO is responsible to Council for the administration and coordination of Town services while ensuring the effective use of human, financial and physical resources; and all in accordance with the bylaws, policies and plans, approved and established by Council and responsibilities as legislated by the province.

A. Education

1) A Bachelor’s degree in Public or Business Administration.

2) Masters level degree is an asset.

B. Qualifications
1) Experience in government or similar organizations, including several years as a senior manager in terms of the scope of management responsibility, budgets and organizational impact.

2) Demonstrated successful performance in all aspects of municipal administration or related public administration experience.

3) Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong ability to interact with a wide range of people tactfully and respectfully, sometimes in challenging circumstances.

4) Excellent communication skills (Written, Verbal and Listening).

5) Proficient computer skills in programs.

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This is a 35 hour a week, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. position that includes recognition of overtime hours in annual salary and expected to be incurred in the position or attending meetings associated with the position responsibilities.

Salary and Benefits package for the position is reflected in the Compensation Policy.

The CAO is the Chief Officer and head of the administrative branch of the Town’s government and shall be responsible to Council for the proper administration of all the affairs of the Town within statutory and regulatory guidelines, Town bylaws, and policies and within budgets approved by the Council.

The CAO shall:

1) Provide positive and supportive leadership and direction as the Chair of the
Management Committee.

2) Provide leadership, supervision and direction, encouragement, and training, to employees reporting to the position.

3) Ensure operation and budget alignment through the development of plans for optimal use of financial and physical resources and include ensuing recommendations in the annual Operating and Capital Budgets to be presented to the Council.

4) Attend all Council and Committee of the Whole Council meetings, reporting on the operations of the Town, presenting, and commenting on recommendations and reports coming from staff and the Management Committee.

5) Attend Council Advisory Committee meetings, offering comments and recommendations for consideration on matters before the Committee, as required.

6) Prepare annual performance appraisals on all employees reporting to the position, conduct exit interviews with employees, and provide effective onboarding, in accordance with Town policies and procedures and the Collective Agreement.

7) Effectively recruit and lead direct reports, executing progressive discipline up to and including dismissal as necessary, in accordance with Town policies and procedures and the Collective Agreement.

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8) Through the performance appraisal process, determine recommendations for staff’s professional development and input into the future year’s budget.

9) Stay apprised of best practices, implementing necessary financial and operating policies.

The Chief Administrative Officer shall:

1) Maintain good public relations in dealing with citizens at large, in all matters pertaining to Town operations.

2) Keep informed of developments in the field of municipal administration, analyze and report on effectiveness and efficiencies of those developments and possible benefits for the Town.

3) Confer with Provincial, Federal, and other local Municipal authorities respecting funding programs, and regulations of interest and that will impact on the Town.

4) Attend seminars, conferences, courses, and meetings which relate to Municipal
Administration, subject to budget appropriations, so as to broaden his/her knowledge, and keep as up to date as possible in the field of Municipal

A. The Chief Administrative Officer shall:

1) Coordinate and direct the preparation of plans and programs to be submitted to the Council for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of all municipal property and facilities.

2) Ensure the annual budgets are prepared and submitted to Council.

3) Be responsible for the administration of the budget after adoption.

4) Review the drafts of all proposed bylaws and policies and make recommendations to Council.

5) Carry out such additional duties and exercise such additional responsibilities as the Council may, from time to time, direct.

B. The Chief Administrative Officer may

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1) Attend all meetings of the Council and any board, committee, commission or corporation of the Town and make observations and suggestions on any subject under discussion.

2) Act, or appoint a person to act, as bargaining agent for the Town in the negotiation of contracts between the Town and any trade union or employee association and recommend to the Council agreements with respect to them.

3) Subject to policies adopted by the Council: a) make or authorize expenditures, and enter into contracts on behalf of the Town, for anything required for the Town where the amount of the expenditure is budgeted or within the amount determined by Council policy, and may delegate this authority to employees of the Town, b) sell personal property belonging to the Town that, in the opinion of the
CAO, is obsolete, unsuitable for use, surplus to requirements of, or no longer needed by the Town, and may delegate this authority to employees of the Town, c) personally, or by an agent, negotiate and execute leases of real property owned by the Town that are for a term not exceeding one year, including renewals, d) establish departments of the municipal administration, e) adopt a system of classification of positions of municipal officers and employees and specify positions that may not be filled by the same person, determine the salaries, wages, and emoluments to be paid to municipal officers and employees, including payment pursuant to a classification system, f) where not otherwise provided for, fix the amount in which security is to be given by municipal officers and employees, the form of security, the manner in which security is to be given and approved and the nature of the security to be given.

4) Authorize, in the name of the Town, the commencement or defence of a legal action or proceedings before a court, board or tribunal, including reporting the commencement of legal action, defence or proceeding to Council at the next meeting and may, if the Council so provides by policy, delegate this authority to employees of the Town.

5) Where the Council so provides by policy, settle a legal action or proceeding in accordance with the policy.

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6) Supervise the performance of all contracts or agreements entered into by the
Town and ensure that all the conditions relating thereto have been fulfilled in accordance with the provisions of such contracts or agreements and the CAO shall report to Council, on a regular basis respecting such contracts.

7) Obtain information regarding all boards and commissions which affect the interests of the Town and report to Council regarding same when, in the opinion of the CAO, such reports are deemed necessary.

8) Coordinate and direct recommendations, either oral or written to Council regarding the upgrading, assessment and definition of programs, policies and plans or any such changes that are necessary to maintain the operation of
Town government.

9) Review the administrative operation of the Town and recommend any alteration or addition that would upgrade the efficiency and effectiveness of same.

10) Act as Personnel Director within the scope of the duties of the CAO and carry out such duties in accordance with the policies established by Council.

11) Be the official liaison between Council and staff.

12) Perform the duties of Clerk and Treasurer for the Town as specified in the
Municipal Government Act, and as approved by Council.

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Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $87,720.00-$112,200.00 per year


  • Dental care
  • Extended health care
  • Flexible schedule
  • RRSP match
  • Vision care


  • Monday to Friday

COVID-19 considerations:
Covid-19 precautions inplace

Application deadline: 2022-06-10

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