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At Mosaic, our company believe in the right of all persons to continue to grow as people, to continue to
produce, connect and have meaning regardless. We believe in the significance of community and the
development of neighborhood connections across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We are leading
the way to the development of person and age friendly neighborhoods that enable healthy aging and bring
individuals together to achieve typical social goals.

Mosaic Home Care & & Community Resource Centres is recognized as a finest practice leader in house care
services and for the method it deals with human values and social and community interaction. It is a recipient
of the Gold Medal of The European Society for Person Centered Healthcare for its Person Centered,
Community Focused Model of Care. Supplying you with the tools and training that you need to deliver
Mosaic’s greater requirements of care is as important to us as it is to you. Training on our person centered
care structure, “The Meaning of Me ®”, will also be offered.

Before calling us, please take the time to learn more about our business, our services, our staff
and our requirements by visiting our website and our community blog site

Candidates should be excited at the opportunity to champion these beliefs and to help support the
continuing advancement of the neighborhood interface for our award winning person focused model of

The ideal candidate will express the following crucial characteristics:

  • Have an understanding and a commitment to principles of personhood as an important aspect of

human relationships beyond the common care constructs that are typically defined by the lens of

incapacity and other vulnerabilities.

  • Show a capability and a passion for working and interacting with individuals of all ages, requirements,

cultures and backgrounds.

  • Be an ethical person with a strong sense of self-awareness and a clear understanding of essential

human rights.

A Homemaker is a person who assists members/clients with the crucial jobs of everyday living
associating with household management. They are to help in household management/
housekeeping/household services, in order to maintain a safe, healthy and hygienic home for the
client/member and their household. It is necessary to note that homemakers do not offer or help in
member’s/ customer’s individual care.


Homemaker Managing Director $14.00 – $17.00

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