Lecturer in Agri-environmental Disaster Risk Management

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Qualifications and Experience 

The successful candidate must possess a PhD from a recognized university, which should be in Soil Science, Land and Water Management, Disaster Risk Management or a closely related field, with a focus related to Agri-Environmental Disaster Risk Resilience and Management. 

Candidates should also possess:

  • Ideally at least three (3) years of teaching experience at a recognized tertiary level institution preferably related to soil, land and water management for sustainable and resilient agriculture and the environment
  • Evidence of research in the following areas:
    • Disaster Risk Resilience in Agriculture and the Environment
    • Integrated Water Resource Management and Soil Mechanics
    • Geographical Information Systems and Sustainable Development focused on Small Island Developing States
  • Good record of research and publications in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals
  • Competencies in Agri-Environmental Disaster Risk Resilience in areas related to:
    • Sustainable Watershed Management
    • Geophysical and Environmental Sensing
    • Irrigation and Drainage Technology
    • Natural Hazards
    • Disasters and Climate Change
    • Environmental Sustainability
  • Proficiency in the area of expertise with a focus on Small Island Developing States that will support capacity building and student development 

Candidates with the following would have an advantage:

  • BSc in Agriculture or Biology with specialization in Natural Resource Management or Environmental Management
  • Experience in delivery of courses using a multidisciplinary approach at both the graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Experience in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Experience in the development of a programme or courses related to Disaster Risk Resilience for Agriculture and the Environment
  • Demonstrated success in securing externally funded research projects
  • Evidence of prior success in establishing collaboration with regional and international agencies to attract funding for research and development 

The following would be considered assets:

  • Training Certificate in Agri-Environmental Disaster Risk Resilience
  • Training Certificate in Geospatial Analysis and Mapping
  • Experience in networking, collaborations and access to research grants
  • Experience in implementation and conducting training in various SDGs and International Frameworks
  • Evidence of prior experience in successfully organizing workshops, conferences and webinars at national and international levels

Personal Attributes

The Campus places high priority on individuals of integrity who can work well in a team and student friendly environment. Candidates should also possess good communication and interpersonal skills. A good command of both oral and written English is essential. Candidates should also: 

  • Be well-rounded in Agri-Environmental Disaster Risk Management
  • Be committed to excellence in teaching and have a strong interest in mentoring students
  • Be able to develop and instruct effectively, using a multidisciplinary approach at both the graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Be student-centered
  • Be willing to teach on virtual platforms in real time
  • Be willing to work with persons and organizations outside of The UWI system
  • Be able to work proactively and provide leadership within collaborative and multi-disciplinary teams 

The full advertisement and further details of the post may be obtained at out job site. Please click Apply button. Applications received after the deadline date will not be considered.

Deadline for receipt of applications: 2022 August 07

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