Lecturer in Veterinary Physiology (Reproductive Physiology)

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Faculty of Medical Sciences

Qualifications and Experience 

The successful candidate must possess a DVM or equivalent and a PhD or Board specialization, which should be in Veterinary Physiology, Biochemistry, or a closely related field. 

Candidates should also possess:

  • Ideally, at least three (3) years of teaching experience at the university level
  • A good record of research and publications in reputable, peer-reviewed journals
  • Competencies in basic Physiological and Biochemical techniques 

Candidates with the following would have an advantage:

  • Ph.D. in Veterinary Reproductive Physiology
  • Experience in facilitating Problem Based Learning
  • A track record of collaborative research
  • An acceptable level of creative output (e.g. patents, grants)
  • Evidence of prior success in supervising Biochemical and Physiology labs
  • Competence in developing curricula in Veterinary Medicine 

The following would be considered assets:

  • Certificate in Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Certificate in university teaching and learning or equivalent
  • Experience in postgraduate teaching and supervising
  • Clinical experience
  • Experience in coordinating workshops and/or continuing education programmes in the subject area
  • Competence in teaching in related areas other than area of expertise

Special Responsibilities 

  • Developing and maintaining a productive research programme in the area of Reproductive Physiology, to actively seek funding, especially from external sources
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary research among related disciplines
  • Maintaining a good publication record in top-quality journals
  • Collaborating in teaching efforts and contributing significantly to the development of interdisciplinary courses in the Department
  • Teaching the Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry courses in the professional veterinary medicine curriculum
  • Assisting in clinical duties at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • Participating in Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • Establishing linkages locally and regionally in support of teaching and research programme in addition to the provision of technical and scientific support to the agricultural sector
  • Undertaking administrative duties relating to teaching and learning, research or other areas as requested by the Head of Department 

Personal Attributes

The Campus places high priority on individuals of integrity who can work well in a team and student friendly environment. Candidates should also possess good communication and interpersonal skills. A good command of both oral and written English is essential. Candidates should also: 

  • Be able to work well in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Possess strong leadership skills
  • Be able to relate well with colleagues and support staff
  • Be able to engage in team work with colleagues in teaching and research
  • Be able to complement the Department’s research agenda
  • Be committed to actively and consistently contributing to the Department’s outreach programme 

Detailed application and full curriculum vitae should be sent to the Campus Registrar, c/o HR Division (Appointments Section), Main Administration Building, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. via e-mail: [email protected].

Three (3) referees (one of whom should be from your present organization) must be indicated.

Application forms may be obtained at http://www.sta.uwi.edu in the Faculty & Staff, Staff Vacancies section.

Further particulars including remuneration package may also be obtained at the above address.

In order to expedite the appointment procedures, applicants are advised to ask their referees to send their signed references under CONFIDENTIAL cover DIRECTLY to the Campus Registrar at the above address without waiting to be contacted by the University.

Applications received after the deadline date will not be considered.

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