Neuroscience: Assistant/Associate Professor

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The University of Medicine and Health Sciences-St. Kitts (UMHS) invites applications for a faculty positions in Neuroscience.

Neuroscience/Neuroanatomy is taught in third semester and is focused on team-teaching and as such faculty have adequate time to engage in research and/or writing. The UMHS academic year has three semesters; therefore, teaching responsibilities occur throughout the year.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and providing students with approved syllabi and learning objectives
  • Organizing, preparing, and regularly updating course content
  • Delivering effective lectures utilizing a variety of teaching techniques and state of the art teaching technologies
  • Preparing and administering examinations, grading in a timely manner, and providing feedback to students
  • Focusing on student success by being available to students during non-teaching time
  • Serving on faculty committees
  • Supervising students in a variety of activities, including but not limited to, problem based learning activities, human-computer simulation activities in the UMHS virtual hospital ward, and activities in local clinical settings
  • Participate in activities assigned by the department chair and/or University administration

Minimum qualifications

  • Passion for teaching
  • Earned Ph.D. in neuroscience
  • Ideally three to five years experience teaching in a graduate medical program
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially PowerPoint.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills in English

About UMHS

UMHS offers a traditional four year Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. The University operates year round and offers three semesters per calendar year which start in January, May, and September. Students complete the Basic Science Program at the UMHS at our state of the art campus in St Kitts. The fifth semester occurs at the UMHS campus in Portland, Maine. Students complete their third year of core clinical rotations and fourth year of elective rotations in one of our many affiliated, accredited teaching hospitals throughout the United States. To graduate, students must successfully complete the UMHS medical program and pass the USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS. UMHS graduates are eligible to apply for a US residency and subsequently may practice medicine in the United States and Canada.

UMHS utilizes innovative teaching techniques such as a 24-bed virtual hospital, small class sizes with individualized attention, and the use of technology to enhance instruction. The faculty is highly credentialed and recruited primarily from the United States.

Course description

  • MNEU 0810 Neuroscience/Neuroanatomy 7 credits

Neuroscience begins with an overview of the entire nervous system. As the course progresses, the focus is on comprehending the basic structure and function of each level of the nervous system, integrating both the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system. The principles that underlie the anatomical structure of each system of the brain are correlated with its physiology; correlations between the functional deficits and the pathological anatomy in several neurological diseases which require working knowledge of anatomy and physiology are stressed. Special attention is given to integrating current understandings of human neurological and psychiatric diseases, and each topic is supplemented by relevant lab exercises which include detailed brain dissection and exposure to angiograms, CT scans, MRI, etc.

UMHS offers a tax-free annual salary within certain limits, a state of the art institution on an idyllic island, the opportunity to become involved in the growth and success of the institution, and most importantly the opportunity to educate and nurture a new generation of physicians prepared to meet the 21st century health care delivery in a rapidly changing world.

Send letter of interest, CV, and references to:
Dr. Jerry Thornton at [email protected] 
and [email protected]

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We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer M/F/D/V

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