Psychologist/Psychological Associate/Neuropsychologist/Supervised Practice – University Health Network – Toronto, ON

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Job Posting #884057

Psychologist/Psychological Associate/Neuropsychologist/Supervised Practice
Site: Ontario – All Sites
Department: Altum Health, University Health Network
Reports to: Manager
Status: Consultant/Staff/Full-time and Part-time

Altum Health is growing and we are offering multiple psychology positions at our sites across Ontario (Toronto, Cambridge, Barrie, Hamilton, Oakville, Ajax, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton and Scarborough).

The Altum psychologist’s role is to provide effective diagnosis and treatment, guide clients through the steps towards a full recovery and help them retrace those steps when there are setbacks. If you want to grow your skills and expand your depth of practice while giving back to the community, this is a role to consider. If you want to see the difference you make to the well-being and lives of clients on a daily basis, while changing the face of healthcare and rehabilitation, Altum Health is your next step.

The difference you will make:

Psychological staff pursuing Supervised practice with focus in Neuropsychology, clinical psychology or fully autonomous Neuro/Clinical Psychologists, work at Altum Health with clients who have a range of mental health and/or substance issues, some with musculoskeletal injuries, concussions and other concurrent conditions. You put together broad-spectrum treatment plans. At Altum, you have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a rehabilitation team of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists and surgeons.

There are difficult cases that challenge you and there are sensitive cases that require a delicate touch. Every day there are clinical learning opportunities and teaching moments. With the Circle of Care mindset as a guiding principle, you eagerly participate in quality improvement activities and perform cross-functional and cross-site duties as required. You believe in the work we do together.

What Psychologists and Psychological Associates Bring To Altum Health:

  • A Doctoral or Master’s degree in Psychology, from an accredited APA or CPA program with valid registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario
  • Completion of APPI, CPA, or CCPPP accredited internship/residency program
  • Competency in Clinical (required) and Rehabilitation (preferred) scopes of practice
  • Experience in rehabilitation with a third party payor system, assessment and intervention with acute (musculoskeletal) and chronic pain, mood and anxiety disorders, PTSD and phobias, and intervention involving cognitive behavioural therapy, DBT, motivational interviewing, and other empirically supported modalities

What Neuropsychologists Bring To Altum Health:

  • Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Psychology with valid registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (i.e., C.Psych.)
  • Declared competency in the areas of Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology (adults) or Rehabilitation Psychology (adults); with no restrictions on license to practice
  • Declared competence in Assessment/Evaluation/Intervention/Consultation, Teaching/Research (preferred)
  • At least two years’ experience conducting assessments of individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI) and other neurological problems; knowledge of comorbid psychological factors in ABI
  • Experience in assessment, treatment and writing professional reports for third party payors preferred

What Supervised Practice Candidates Bring To Altum Health:

  • APA/CPA accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology
  • Completed internship level training in clinical psychology and/or health psychology
  • All degree requirements completed before your start date.
  • Ability to meet the requirements for issuance of a Certificate for Supervised Practice and pursue registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.
  • Commitment to contribute a minimum of 3 years of service (including supervised practice period) to Altum Health
  • High commitment to uphold regulatory, ethical and professional standards including mandatory reporting

Your personal and professional skill set include the following:

  • Dedication to and excitement for a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, commitment to the challenge of working with clients suffering from acute and chronic injuries and eagerness to be part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Understanding the detail required for third party insurance reporting, not deterred by mandatory processes
  • Strong communication skills, both within and outside of treatment sessions and as part of an interdisciplinary team, with a respect for confidentiality requirements
  • Desire for continuous growth and learning, committed to a high quality of evidence- based practice and ongoing professional development
  • Innate ability to demonstrate initiative, with excellent judgement and prioritizing skills
  • Vaccines (COVID-19 and others) are a requirement of the job unless you have an exemption on a medical ground pursuant to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

POSTED DATE: September 14, 2021

At Altum Health we are experts in full-scope healthcare services including rehabilitation. We started off with very humble beginnings as a one-room assessment centre, partnered with WSIB. We have since grown into a 300+ person organization with a broad demographic of patients and a diverse client base.

Altum Health is a private-for-public department of UHN; every dollar we make goes back to fund public healthcare initiatives. Our ongoing focus is to maintain a high degree of credibility in our field, to be leaders in healthcare and to change the rehabilitation model of care through the discovery of new approaches. With patient safety and quality care at the top of our priority list, we continue to build upon a culture of discovery and adventure.

Altum Health wants to invite you to join us on our ongoing journey of firsts as we pioneer change and raise the bar in healthcare.
If you share our beliefs, are invested in bettering the lives of patients on a daily and long-term basis and you want to be a pioneer in rehabilitative care, join Altum Health as we continue to break new ground, build relationships and give back to our communities.
Be the face of change and the hands that heal.

UHN is a respectful, caring, and inclusive workplace. We are committed to championing accessibility, diversity and equal opportunity. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the recruitment process providing the applicant has met the Bona-fide requirements for the open position. Applicants need to make their requirements known when contacted.

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